Consultation & Training

Applications of Family Systems Theory

In addition to family therapy, systems thinking can be applied to emotional problems of the family and other groups through consultation, teaching and training. I offer the following consulting and training services:

Individual Consultation and Coaching in Applications of Family Systems Theory:

  • Clinical case consultation – for therapists and health care professionals seeking systems evaluation of clinical cases
  • Coaching differentiation of self in the family emotional system – for therapists learning family systems theory
  • Family evaluation and coaching – for individuals seeking a systems view of their family

Consultation and Coaching for the Workplace and Organizations

  • Organizational Emotional Process: Relationships, performance, morale
  • Emotional challenges of leadership and management
  • Critical Incidents – employee suicide & other traumatic events
  • Family business relationships

Training Seminar in Bowen Theory

For mental health professionals learning family therapy as well as organizational leaders, managers and other human service professionals seeking to apply principles of systems thinking in their work and families.

There is one major secret: an emotional system responds to emotional stimuli. If any member can control his emotional response, it interrupts the chain reaction."

Murray Bowen, MD